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Zodiac Tea Collection

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    Constellations have been used as navigation by sailors and ancient people to track the passage of time and even to create an agricultural calendar.

    The Zodiac, which is said to have originated in Babylon as long as 2,500 years ago, is a circle of constellations through which the Sun moves during the course of a year. Your sun sign is defined as the constellation that the sun was in front of on your date of birth.

    Your Birthday is a special mark in time. Some believe, that what position the stars were in at your time of birth helped to define your qualities and personality.

    We have assembled this Collection of Zodiac TEAS– 12 special blends to represent each sign and traits.

Enjoy your tea time travels through each constellation and Zodiac symbol.

Included: 1 sample of each zodiac tea, 12 T-Sac, Steeping Instructions and a carry all bag.

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