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Zodiac - Aquarius

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Aquarius need fuel for inventive thinking an lively conversations. They are visionaries and intellectuals who love to exchange ideas over a strong cup of tea.



ceylon tea, assam tea, black tea, oolong tea, natural hazelnut flavor, cocoa nibs, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor

Caffeine - Yes Moderate
Organic - No

Figments Tasting Notes

Hazelnut and chocolate are the aroma from the package. The blend of teas are strong, not as heavy as a Pu-erh similarly smooth.

Sugar make the vanilla come to the top notes - not a lot of nuttiness.

Milk added still holds the vanilla and makes it creamy. The strong tea base still comes through the milk.

I didn't make this one iced. It just seems to want to be a hot tea.

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How to Make Your TEA

How to Make Your TEA