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Relax & Rejuvenate Tea Collection

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The name says it all! The Relax & Rejuvenate tea collection includes 6 caffeine-free teas to help you unwind and refresh after a long day or when you're in need of some self-care via tea! Indulge in this collection of relaxing and soothing teas to treat yourself and de-stress.

Teas in this collection include:
Sweet Serenity (Rooibos):Ā Robust vanilla flavor mixes with almond and calendula petals over a base of rooibos for a slightly sweet and satisfying cup. Wonderful hot or over ice!
Ingredients:Ā rooibos, almond pieces, calendula petals, and natural flavors

Ginger Spice (Rooibos):Ā Powerful ginger zest and the natural sweetness of rooibos make for a cup that is warm, cozy, and comforting.
Ingredients:Ā rooibos, ginger, apple pieces, honeybush, green rooibos, safflower petals, calendula petals, and natural flavorsĀ 

Lazy Sunday (Rooibos):ļ»æļ»æĀ Orange and vanilla over a rooibos base make for a creamsicle in a cup! This blend is a wonderful way to tap into those easy summer Sunday vibes whenever you need them.
Ingredients:Ā rooibos, honeybush, marigolds, cornflowers, orange peel, orange, peach, and vanilla flavoring

Poet's Dream (Herbal):Ā Fragrant lavender and floral notes of chamomile blend with a hint of peppermint for a light cup of tea. A worthy muse for any poet, this blend is the perfect way to relax in the evening and will help you drift off to dream land.
Ingredients:Ā chamomile, lavender petals, rooibos, peppermint, and natural flavors

Secret Garden (Herbal):Ā Chamomile, lavender, rose, and mint marry over a base of rooibos for a cup that is soothing, well-balanced, and refreshing. Close your eyes and escape to a relaxing garden as you sip.
Ingredients:Ā organic chamomile, organic lavender, organic peppermint, organic rooibos, and organic rose petals

Toasted Almond (Herbal):Ā This tisane is a lovely almond blend with subtle notes of apple and cinnamon. The addition of beet root creates a lovely pink cup.
Ingredients:Ā apple pieces, planed almonds, crushed almonds, cinnamon pieces, beet root, and natural flavors

20Ā T-SacsĀ to brew the tea

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