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Gift Cards have been transferred and are ready to use!
Summertime Self-Care

Summertime Self-Care

Our Relax & Rejuvenate tea collection is a sampler that allows you to try 6 of our most popular herbal teas for unwinding. It covers a wide range of flavors from floral sleepy tea to fruity rooibos and even a nutty blend.

Buy a sampler and drink in tranquility! Or share one with a friend that needs a little R&R.

Don't have a tub or time to soak? No problem! Enjoy easy aromatherapy with Shower Bursts! Simply unwrap and get the Shower Burst wet and the essential oils will scent the steam creating an aromatherapy experience while you shower. Get up to 3 showers out of one burst by using a sachet!

Whether you need some Relaxing Lavender or Refreshing Citrus, Figments has you covered! You can buy individual scents or go with one of our variety packs to try several.

It's no secret that we love lavender for unwinding and relaxing! We have a line of lavender products to bring a bit of calm energy to your routines. Lavender Lotion to apply after an evening bath or shower. Lavender Hand Creme for a relaxing hand massage after a long day.

Or pamper yourself with a Lavender Eye Pillow for your next nap session! Use our Lavender Neck Pillow to help ease neck and shoulder tension. Add a spritz of Lavender Mist to your pillow before you go to bed for the night!

Crystals are a great way to bring good energy to your space or with you wherever you go! We carry an assortment of tumbled stones that are easy to carry in your pocket or purse or hold in your palm when you meditate. We recommend trying angelite, rose quartz, or howlite.

We also sell Gem Water Bottles which are a great way to infuse your water with crystal energy – and they’re a stylish way to stay hydrated!

The warm lighting from a candle flame can provide a calming light and a meditation focus point. We have over 20 butterfly intention candles! They’re scented with essential oil blends for added aromatherapy. Whether you’re looking for peace, healing, or positive energy – we’ve got a candle for you! They also make thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

Sage is another useful tool to kick off your self-care routine. We have beautiful, floral bundles to cleanse your space of negative energy and start fresh! Burn the sage bundle before your next meditation or after you get home from work or before a relaxing bath!

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