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πŸ‚β˜•οΈ Caffeine-Free Fall

πŸ‚β˜•οΈ Caffeine-Free Fall

Whether you can't drink caffeine or you're trying to cut back, you don't have to miss out on incredible fall flavors!

Enjoy a caffeine-free pumpkin spice latte with our Pumpkin Crème rooibos! Just add a bit of milk, sugar, and cinnamon for a cozy and creamy tea latte.

Or treat yourself to chai spices without any tea leaves! On its own, Buddha's Meditation is spicy without being overpowering. It is wonderful to curl up with a cup of this after dinner - add a bit of local honey to make it even tastier!

Combine Pumpkin Crème and Buddha's Meditation for another dupe for a pumpkin spice latte!

Craving more warming spices? Enjoy Mercedes Apple Spice for a unique play on apple cider. This tea is especially great for young tea drinkers!

Sip some Tulsi Chai to take advantage of healing herbs, spices, and rooibos - which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Brew up a cup of Toasted Almond! This blend of apple, almond, and cinnamon is sure to hit the spot. The added beetroot powder makes this tea a lovely shade of pink!

Or try our Turmeric Comfort for a soothing and healing cup of tea! Packed with ingredients to help with inflammation, this tea is a combination of spicy and earthy. Add a spoonful of local honey to mellow the flavors and add a bit of sweetness.

Shop our Fall Collection for all things related to the season! If you want to take your tea routine to the next level, we've got fantastic kettles and mugs to make your tea life better!

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