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Free Shipping on Orders over $75 📦💜
⚡️🏃🏻 Streamline Your Tea Routine

⚡️🏃🏻 Streamline Your Tea Routine

Get back to what matters most to you by streamlining your tea routine!

Water is the base of any great tea experience. Use a kettle that is fast and sturdy enough for everyday use!

Use our 1Qt Stovetop Kettle for yourself and a friend.

Or size up to our 3Qt Whistling Kettle for a full house.

Meet your new favorite mug! This Everyday Mug is made by tea people for tea people.

With 18oz capacity, a large infuser basket, a stainless-steel lid, and a ceramic cup that is dishwasher and microwave-safe. You simply can't find a better everyday mug!

Get a consistent cup every single time with the best tea scoop!

This stainless steel scoop is build ergonomically and allows you to scoop tea leaves out of tins, jars, and bags with ease.

We love this angled tea scoop so much it was the standard for our café when it was still open. 

And what is a tea routine without the main event? Treat yourself to premium teas from our Silver Select Collection.

Enjoy tasting notes ranging from bright and astringent to rich and earthy!

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